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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Months

Dear Boo Boo,

You are exploring the world in new ways now. You are crawling, pulling up to furniture and walking around it, and getting into drawers and cupboards with a sense of curiosity and determination that is both adorable and frustrating.

Then there are the quiet moments while I snuggle you as you drink your bottle or drift off to sleep, which I enjoy so much now that you don't want to be held as often because of your need to explore. Those are the moments that I stop and appreciate the way you hold on to my fingers as you drift to sleep and marvel at the beauty of your small hands, you soft hair, and your big brown eyes with those thick dark lashes. I stoke your belly as we play All Around the Garden...Tickle you under there and we share smiles and giggles as you settle into your nap.

I also enjoy your playfulness, and the way your nose and eyes crinkle up when we are bouncing on the bed while singing, and when you are delighted to copy your grandparents or dad or me by waving, clapping, or throwing your arms up in the air while we say hurrah! You also cover your eyes now to play peek-a-boo and you look so proud of yourself when we clap and laugh with you. You get so excited and do a little bounce dance on your bum - very cute!

Your Abeulo and Tita from Mexico came to visit you this month and we had lots of fun with them. You were delighted to have two more people in the house to love you and play with you. You made them laugh and smile and I bet this was one of their favourite visits with us. We showed them the river valley in our little city and took fall photos of you.

Then we took you and your grandparents to Drumheller to see the hoodoos and dinosaurs and then off to Banff to enjoy the mountains in the fall. You travel so well and we had so much fun.

You are truly the love of my life (next to your Dad) and I cherish your sweetness, energy, health, smiles, laughs and every milestone along the road. As you graduate to toddlerhood, childhood, and adulthood, I hope you will always remember you are my baby. Whatever you grow into you, I loved you before you had anything to prove, or became whatever you will become - and I will always love you. I know these are days you'll never remember - but I will keep the memories and sweetness of this time for both of us.

Love Mama

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