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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nine Months

Dear Boo Boo,

This month you are becoming quite the little mover. You haven't quite figured out crawling yet, but you are so close. Although, if you have someone to crawl over or up, you are quite proficient! You have also mastered push with your arms while on your belly, sending you backwards - much to your dismay! You are pulling up on everything, and even letting go with one hand, and quickly learning that you will fall if the other hand is tempted away from whatever you are keeping your balance on. Luckily you're a tough kid and bounce back quickly.

This month, Grandma finally wore me down and I cut your bangs so your hair wasn't always in your face and now you really do look like you're up to no good.

You are an adventurous eater and have taken to wanting to feed yourself when mealtimes come, no longer wanted mommy to spoon feed you. You really gobbled up the curry squash, tomato, chicken, rice dish we make - that was a mess!

You are staying up longer between naps now, but when you are really worn out, you like to really take it down a notch and relax.

And finally, we met up with our friends, Jordan and Kim, and their kids and took you camping in Drumheller. You did amazing in the tent and really it seems like we can take you anywhere and you are happy to oblige. Although this time you wanted Mommy in the backseat with you to play with and keep you company.

Love you so much!

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