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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seven Months

Dear Boo Boo,

Last night you surprised us all. While playing with a fun toy at Grandma's you learned that in order to activate the mechanism that spins the wheels, you need to put a ball into a hole. Daddy showed you how it worked a couple of times and in no time, you were doing it yourself - you were sooooooo excited to make the toy work. Your fine motor skills are really picking up now! Another fun moment from last night, your Daddy was blowing your hair out of your eyes, which was making you laugh and then during the last "blow" you fell back. While we were all worried that you would cry - you smiled and laughed instead - ha ha - Daddy blew me down!!

I'm starting to enjoy dressing you up in girly clothes, and you look so adorable. Grandma and I picked out 4 new dresses for you yesterday, and I can't wait to bring you to a family wedding next month to show you off. You like playing with the skirts! And you really are such a pretty baby.

Oooh! Pretty!
This month, you have had some firsts - your bottom two front teeth are coming in - and as per usual, except for a couple of night wakings and a cranky day, you are handling it so, so well. We are able to see them when you smile now, that is, when you get your tongue out of the way, but haven't been able to catch them on camera yet.

You are also starting to wave and clap your hands together and life is getting so fun with you. You are also making strides towards crawling and can rock back and forth on hands and knees and sometimes try to pull up using some toys for leverage. Pretty soon, you'll be on the go - I better get baby-proofing!


Watch out! I'll be on the move soon!

Sometimes mom just doesn't understand the difference between tired and hungry.

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