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Monday, May 30, 2011

Six Months

Dear Boo Boo,

You've come a long way in six months, baby! In short six months, you have gone from this

to this

You've reached that magical age of babyhood where smiles, giggles, laughs, babbling and playing are the epitome of baby cuteness and you bring joy to everyone who encounters you. We often go to Tim Horton`s to meet Grandma, Grandpa D, Great Auntie June and Uncle Ray for coffee and all their friends and many strangers come up to tell us what a good baby you are. You never cry there, and enjoy playing with a paper cup and having Grandma make you laugh while Grandpa D gets to make funny faces at you. You always have a big smile for Grandpa D.

You're eating habits have changed now that we have introduced you to solid food. Your favourites so far are banana, apple, mango, and peas. Sometimes you would rather just chow down on your bowl though!

Your Grandpa E. likes to come over some mornings to help me feed you. You melt his heart every time.

Grandma often reminds me that each baby is unique and personality traits displayed now will continue to become more apparent as you grow and that I should try to remember as much as possible from your baby days - and oh - I so want to remember every bit.

You are a very sweet-tempered baby - really only cranky when you`re tired, which you probably get from me. You are cautiously willing to try anything so far, all the food you`ve been presented with, the toys from the exersaucer to the jolly jumper, long car rides, etc. You are happy and seem to be content with your life - a quality I hope remains with you. You already have the ability to exercise patience, a trait you have probably received from your father who is the king of patience. You are very bright and curious as well, which is a common baby trait, but one I hope to nurture anyway.

Recently, you have become quite interested in people, particularly other children. Whenever you see another small person there is always a smile, a hand reaching out to connect, and a watchful gaze as you grasp that there are lots of little people in the world.

You`ve become more independent in the past few weeks, which is making it easier for me to get more done around the house, although you often find me at your side to play and laugh with you. You love patty cakes, and kisses behind your ear that make you laugh. You are sitting independently now and we have built you little play nests in the living room and office where you and sit and examine your toys.

You have also been trying to get into the conversation with shrieks, coos, and babbling of which na,na,na and da,da,da have become frequent. It's so adorable and a welcome addition to the cozy noises in our home.

Continue to grow, learn, and love.


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