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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Five Months

Dear Boo Boo,

Sorry about missing the the Four Months letter, but we were on vacation - in Mexico - enjoying your first real dose of nice weather and sunshine - it was glorious, so who wants to sit inside at a computer when you can sit on a beach, play with you, and have ice cream? So you will just have to forgive me.

You have already gone further than I ever did by time I was 21, which was how old I was when I first boarded an airplane; you were just under four months. You travelled really well and didn't even seem to notice your ears popping. I love your easy-going nature and am glad that a major change in rountine for a couple of weeks didn't wreck havoc with it.

Your Tita (it's a nickname for little grandma) and Abuelo came to visit us at the resort in Puerto Vallarta. And you and Tita really enjoying seeing eachother again!

The next day, you were introduced to your new cousin, Alex. And your Tia (aunt) and Teo (uncle) got to meet you. Alex is two months younger than you.

Our trip straddled your transition from 3 months to 4 months and it seemed like you developed by leaps and bounds in just two weeks. With a little help from Daddy or Mommy, you can get from a laying down position, to a sitting position, to a standing position. It was so cute to watch you lay on the bed and try to sit up on your own - you can't do it yet, but it looks like you're doing ab crunches when you try. Soooo cute and your Auntie Sheri, who is the work out queen, will be very pround of your strong muscles.

You continue to be a social little thing and offer dazzling smiles to almost everyone you meet. And sometimes smiling at strangers gave us the opportunity to chat with some great people while on vacation. You remain fairly quiet but enjoy babbling from time to time. Laughing has come to you, but you usually wait for someone to tickle you and that doesn't always work. Just in the last week, you have laughed at things you think is funny - like my reaction to what's in your diapers - without a tickle and that was cute.

Lately, I've been thinking about how wonderful it is to be your mommy. Although I know intellectually that you are developing like most children do, I do think you are just spectacular. Although everyone agrees that you are very loveable, no one gets to appreciate you the way that me and your Daddy do. We get the radient early morning smiles, the snuggles, the quiet moments, the way you grab your toes while we're trying to change your diaper, the tentative way you approach bathing. I am just at a loss for words when trying to describe how lucky we are to have you and how you continue to endear yourself to us.

Love Mom

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