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Saturday, February 12, 2011

30-Day Challenge

I stepped on the scale last week and realized that I have gained 10 pounds since getting back down to my pre-pregnancy weight - which was sooooooo not the plan. Especially since we have a trip to Mexico planned next month.

I will admit that finding time (and energy) to work out and meal plan has been more difficult with a new baby than I anticipated, especially since my mother-in-law left us :o( I think the other thing is it's been sooooooo nice to indulge in some of the foods that I couldn't eat when I was pregnant due to gestational diabetes - can anyone say white chocolate mochas from Second Cup?

However, I am getting sick of living in sweats and maternity clothes. I definitely don't like the number on the scale. To motivate myself, I decided to give myself a 30-day challenge, which started on Feb. 8. The challenge is to find a way to exercise everyday and to improve my eating habits. I have been successful all week with squeezing in 20 minute interval sessions on my treadmill, getting to the mall this week to walk Natalie around in her stroller for an hour (no I was not shopping!), getting outside to walk Natalie in the stroller (so nice to have a break from cold and snow), and getting 3 strength training sessions in. The eating has been off and on this week, but I do have a plan for making up a batch of soup this weekend for lunches next week which will make getting more veggies into my diet for next week a little easier.

While I don't want to turn this into a weight loss blog, I think I need the accountability. Usually I join WeightWatchers for accountability and support to lose weight, but seeing as we're on the maternity-leave budget, I'll have to settle for my blog. I know I have a small audience, but any support you can lend would be much appreciated!

To all you moms out there - what did you do post-pregnancy to feel good in your body again?

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