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Friday, December 17, 2010

Things I Am Grateful For

Sorry for the absence - my days are full of cuddling, rocking, feeding, diapering, and enjoying Bebo. In the meantime, here are some things I am grateful for and some pictures.

  1. My beautiful little baby girl who mostly just sleeps, eats, and entertains us with her very expressive face.
  2. My husband, who continue to make me feel loved and special, even though there is a new love in his life (his daughter). He has taken to fatherhood with enthusiasm, love, and excitement in a way that even I couldn't imagine.
  3. My family, with a special shout out to my Mom who brings me Tim Horton's coffee in the morning with delightful visiting time.
  4. My inlaws, both my father and mother-in-law were here this week. We will be missing my husband's father who returned home to work, but my wonderful mother-in-law is staying an additional 3 weeks to help me take care of home and baby. (Even though she has never experienced a real Canadian winter before).
  5. The excellent health care Bebo and I recieved while in the hospital and all the help and support of the public health nurses. I have been lucky enough to never have much use of our public health care system - but now that I've had a baby, a c-section, and a sick baby - I have new appreciation for all that we have in Canada - it's not perfect, but from my experience - it's pretty damn good.
  6. My family's health - we are so glad that Bebo's jaundice has cleared up and there are no hospital visits in the forseeable future.
  7. I am healing well from my c-section.
  8. The time I have to stay home this year to take care of my baby - yay Canada for giving new parents the opportunity to care for their babies in the first year of life.
  9. Being only two pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!

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  1. What a lovely post and what a beautiful baby girl! You have been blessed in an amazing way!!!
    Enjoy your first Christmas together as a family of three!!!


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